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Fortunately here in Southern California, we have a mild climate, but it still gets cold enough during the winter to make heating your home a necessity. Usually located in your attic, a closet, basement or garage, a forced air gas furnace provides uniform heating throughout your home, with ductwork running from the furnace to supply registers in each room and a centrally located thermostat to regulate the temperature. A return grill with a filtration system completes your indoor comfort system.

In regard to maintenance, the most important task is replacing your filter regularly, but for more information on caring for your equipment, take a look at this maintenance checklist from the Energy Star Website.

Heater Repair


We service or repair all brands of wall heaters. As with any gas appliance, it is important to check for gas leaks and verify the equipment is venting properly to avoid exposure to carbon monoxide. We always recommend installation of a carbon monoxide (CO) detector if gas appliances are present in your home. In the case of a cracked heat exchanger (a.k.a. firebox), replacement would be recommended.

Heater Repair


Also common in the older homes of the Long Beach area, this type of furnace has ductwork, but instead of pressurizing and blowing air through vents to each room of your home, a gravity furnace uses the natural properties of gravity (hot air rises) to allow warm air to move through ductwork from the basement to each room. Like the other wall & floor furnaces, this type of system requires periodic service to check for gas leaks, ensure proper venting and maintain safe operation.

Heater Repair