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A kitchen stove is used to cook food. A wood-burning stove or a coal stove is typically used for heating a dwelling.
An oven is a thermally insulated chamber used for the heating, baking or drying of a substance, and most commonly used for cooking.

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Common problems:

  • cook-top doesn’t ignite the flame.
  • the igniter is clicking without stopping.
  • the oven is not getting hot.
  • the oven is not keeping the right temperature that was set.
  • the display panel is off.
  • Signs a Repair is Required

Each type of cooking device has its own set of common issues and symptoms to indicate if a repair is the best option.

Gas Stovetops/Cooktops

Gas stovetops and cooktops can develop a broad range of problems. Common issues that warrant help from a appliance repair technician include:

Burners with high or low flame levels
Burners that fail to ignite
Burners that click continually
A noticeable natural gas smell
Electric Stovetops/Cooktops

These can also develop many problems reducing efficiency, use, or safety of operation. Significant issues include:

Heating elements that don’t produce enough heat
Heating elements that fail to turn on or off
Broken downdraft motors
Heating elements that produce visible sparks while in use
Gas Ovens

Built-in Oven

Gas ovens can develop an even broader array of malfunctions than their analog. Some issues that signal the need for a repair include:

Failing to power on or off
Under or over baking or broiling
Takes an unusually long time to reach temperature
Fails to operate after a self-cleaning cycle
Sporadic and unstable cooking temperature

Electric Ovens

Electric ovens are also susceptible to a wider range of malfunctions than their counterparts:

Won’t turn on or off
Loses normal function after going through a self-cleaning cycle
Takes too long to reach the set temperature
Doesn’t maintain the desired cooking temperature during operation

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