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A clothes dryer, or drying machine is a powered household appliance that is used to remove moisture from a load of clothing and other textiles, usually shortly after they are washed in a washing machine. It can work on gas or heating elements, and by creating hot air drays the clothes.

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Common problems:

  • not drying the clothes as good as it should.
  • not creating heat at all.
  • not starting the cycle.
  • not spinning.
  • makes a banging/squeaking/loud noise.
  • not ending the cycle

Types of Dryers


All dryers work on the same principle—a cylindrical drum rotates while heated air dries the clothes. Differences arise from how the heat is generated and how the resulting humid air is expelled.


The simplest and most widespread type is when air is pulled from the surroundings of the device, heated, passed through the contents, and vented back out. A flexible hose carries exhaust to the outside. Common but not the most efficient.


This type dries in an identical way. But, the water vapor is cooled internally to produce liquid water that’s collected in a tank and emptied periodically. Even less efficient than vented dryers and used where traditional venting would be impractical.Washer Repair Service

Heat Pump

Instead of releasing all the energy into the surrounding area, heat pump dryers reuse it. A system of heat exchange separates the moisture and feeds the energy back into the system, saving up to 50% on running costs. A new version utilizes the energy released during phase change under pressure.

Other Types and New Technology


An extension of the spin cycle, the spin speed is increased to expel more water. It’s more common to find this method used in larger commercial operations.


Heat is generated by microwaves as you would find in a microwave oven.

Types include solar, ultrasound, and convection. All have been used or are being investigated as potential technologies.